Friday, April 27, 2012


So I know usually mom's are all about tracking the firsts---today was the first day my kid walked... Well I have experienced two firsts with pregnancy

1- I got to HEAR the Heartbeats Yesterday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I didn't even know it was going to happen. I had already seen them on a very early ultrasound-like before 7 weeks early-but just a day over 7 weeks and I got to hear them. 150 and 143 were the rates! Someone told me that higher heartbeats means a boy and lower means girls, but who knows. My OBGYN named them Fred and maybe there is something to that? We'll see. I almost cried hearing the heartbeats. Everything is starting to be so real and perfect. I like to sit on my couch holding the ultrasounds and just loving my babies.

2- Today was the first time I threw-up. YAY (sarcasticaly said). So I know on an earlier post I was like oh yeah I can't wait to puke...and I do have to admit for like one split second I was like yay I am really pregnant and these babies are really growing and then it was like eww gross this does not feel good. The attack came while driving...try doing that- not number one on my bucket list by far. I haven't moved since then I just feel like it is about to happen again at any moment today. Even funnier is when I call and tell my mom she gets all excited. Now I know we have worked hard to get here, but excitement over throw up may be borderine weird...right?

Life is funny-You spend it wishing for things you don't have and not enjoying what is right in front of you. Honesty moment-I may have already wished I was past trimester one or even that the babies were already born. But I will not wish I was not pregnant. No matter how scary a C-section sounds, how sick I feel, or how dirty my house gets. I think I need to start embracing each day more fully and just enjoying the ride of morning sickness because it may be with me for 9 months :)

My family just called and listen to all our good news:
1- I'm pregnant with Twins FINALLY!
2- My brother and his wife got approved for their loan and get their new house. SO EXCITED can't wait to visit them in Tooele Utah
3- My other brother got accepted in Cambridge study abroad for the summer with his wife so they get to trollop around Europe. He also got a job with Apple and will be working from......HAWAII for two years!!! can we say AMAZING. Justin has promised to take me so hopefully that happens.

Love my family and Love the Lord-we have each been so blessed recently. It is amazing how you can feel so down on life and then the Lord comes in and just showers you with blessings.


Lacey Parr said...

I totally cried when I first heard our baby's heartbeat! It's so cool! We are just so happy for you and Justin!!

Kristen and Erik Cambridge said...

I am so excited for you. That was my favorite thing was hearing the heart beat. It made it so real. I never got sick of that. So happy you have so many firsts to now experience. Tell Scott congrats on his job and internship. That is really cool. Glad the Lord is blessing your family.

Jeni Crewdson said...

I love your blog! I am so happy you are experiencing all the wonderful ride of pregnancy!