Thursday, April 26, 2012


I love getting two for the price of one. Nothing is better than getting something for free! well today I had my first ultrasound and we are getting two babies for the price of one!

 ONE OF THE BEST DAYS EVER!!!!!! actually it probably is the best day ever!

The ultrasound tech was just checking to make sure they were implanted in the right area of the uterus and that things were developing well.

She was taking a look and then she turned the screen towards me and said there are TWO attached looks like you are having twins!

See the two little black dots...those are my babies!
I am so happy right now. Justin says he is happy, but I think he is in shell shock. I know he will be a great dad and now he has 9 months to get used to the idea of twins, but it is still early and I could lose one. Once I hit 8 weeks they say my chances are only 1% of a miscarriage. I am not telling aunts and cousins until the 8 weeks about the twins. Right now I am telling them all there is one healthy sac in there.

On the 23rd I get to see their heartbeats! I am SO EXCITED!!!!

My due date for one baby is 12/12/12 LOL. I'm hoping they come a little early, not much-but a little distance from Christmas would be nice.

My aunt had twins and she said she felt like a milk cow from all the feeding-I'm a little nervous...okay a little more than kind of nervous--I'm slightly thinking what did I get myself into. I am so scared of getting birth and about starting out with two, but very excited. Beyond excited. I'm so giddy. I pray that they both live. I hope I get one boy and one girl, but I'll take whatever comes very happily.

I am still having my cramps and was told today that is very normal. I am still having huge hunger fits and now it kind of makes more sense. I am feeding for three! My sister-in-law said that I will be gaining 60lbs...I sure hope I can control myself. I try to eat far....I do have the occasional chips an ice cream. HAHA. You can't be pregnant and not have chips and ice cream right? Two nights ago I felt so dizzy and nauseous all night. I laid on the couch with a cold compress and some lemon lime soda. So excited for the first time I actually throw up!!!!!

Since coming home I have been looking at twin nurseries. Here are a few that I like:
I love how they did the boy and girl thing. I think it was executed well Don't love the stars

I kind of love the idea of putting them both in the same crib. They were in the
womb together, I think they would enjoy still sleeping together for a while

Now I know this is over the top, but I love the accents over the beds. I don't love the
metal cribs even though they are pretty. I prefer wood...seems safer. This seems
like a fairytale room for sure.


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