Monday, November 24, 2008

Birthday Boy Bash--26 BABY!

SO Saturday the 22nd was my man's birthday and since, lets be honest, I am horrible at blogging when I should I am writing all about the good times today. I love Justin so much and am going to start this blog off with 10 quirky/grand things about him so you can all get to know him better.

1. After eating pizza for dinner he needs 2 glasses of water by the bed because he wakes up so thirsty
2. Eating rich or too much chocolate makes him water under his eyes--he says they "sweat"
3. When his feet are getting tickled he cannot keep his eyes open
4. He is obsessed with going to the gym
5. He is even more obsessed with looking at puppy pictures on the internet and on t.v.
6. Every night within 5 minutes of cuddling in bed he does what he calls his "nightly flop"
7. He loves snowmen
8. He has a new found love of Vodka Pasta sauce
9. One of his favorite things to do on a weekend is to wander Target for 2 hours
10. He has us run "intruder" drills at least once a month practicing what we would do if someone broke into our apartment while we were sleeping

Now on to the good stuff his B-day! Justin's actual birthday was pretty chill. We slept in and started the day off by going to the gym (see number 4) personally I would skip the gym on my birthday... When we got back Justin opened up some presents. I gave him a charcol BBQ. Ever since going to our friend's Logan and Emily fo r a bbq he has wanted to get one of his own. My parents gave him a bbq book which is amazin g and everyone should buy this book it is by Weber and is called "Real Grilling" We then went and got my hair cut and dyed (Which i'll post about that later my hair is 6 inches shorter--to my shoulder) and ended the night with a big ol' helping of mac n' cheese (per his request) and a mini German Chocolate Cake. Here are some pictures.

Justin Enjoying his Mac n' Cheese!(top) Justin Setting up his Grill(below)

Sunday was the real celebration. Justin BBQ'd up some goodness. He picked a recipe from the book and it turned out super juicy and tender. Johnny came over and brought some tasty chicken which also turned out delicious. Here are some pictures from the night in celebration!

Happy Birthday Hun I love you!