Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Dear Twins

Dear Twins,

The past week has been hard. I have been so nauseous. Foods have a whole new smell-raw meats especially chicken are DISGUSTING! I don't like doing dishes so we now eat on paper. Thank you Costco for your bulk paper products :)

I have been so lucky to have only thrown up once...until last week on Wednesday. I could not keep anything down, liquid or solids. I threw up 10 times in a 24 hour period. Had to cal the doctor and now I have to take zofran so I keep my food down. Almost had to go in for an IV. Is it the food i'm eating? Or is it you just aren't liking food right now?

I am so excited to meet you two. So excited to find out if you are boys or girls or both. Can't wait to feel you move! Can't wait to hear your heartbeats again to know you are okay. I cannot wait to hold your tiny fingers for the first time. I cannot wait to be your mother! I would glady puke again and again for you....well maybe not glady, but I would do it.

Love you,

Your mother (haha kind of weird to say)

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Kristen and Erik Cambridge said...

That is so sweet Shellese! They will be lucky to have you for a mother:) Don't worry the second trimester is better.