Saturday, April 25, 2009


So Justin is studying for finals and I've watched enough T.V. for the rest of my so I thought hey, I haven't blogged in FOREVER so here is a couple of updates :)
The official scale they use to weigh in the Jockeys before each race! (Below)
In February I rolled to Kentucky to help out my sister-in-law as she birthed her first child, little super cute Matthew Ryan Baker!! He is sooo adorable and super cute! We had sooo much fun. When we rolled up to KY the baby had just been born 10 minutes ago. We rolled to the hospital to find Ashley looking the BOMB! I mean seriously when i pop out my children I hope I look as gorgeous as she did!!! WE got to spend one night in the hospital, which was way fun. When the baby got home we had much fun changing diapers and doing touristy fun stuff. I LOVED the slugger museum, Colonel Sanders grave (KFC started in Kentucky!), touring Bakers Dentist School, and Churchill downs was off the hook. Here are some pics
In front of Colonel Sanders grave. He is way tight! (above) All the pretty girls at Churchill downs-Isn't the horse pretty? (Below)
Me hittin it up at the Slugger Museum!
Entrance to the Slugger Museum-I loved the huge big bat and Ball in the side of the building.
Teeth that Baker has been collecting for a MOlars project..EWW he had several of these in his locker (Above). Baker showing off his locker and his lab coat! (below)
Bakers station at the dental school--he even has his own name plaque!
Mom G and Stephanie sporting the WIC letters. (Below)

Churchill Downs--isn't it GORGEOUS!!!!