Friday, September 19, 2008


Tonight was a first for me, we went to a Sushi Bar with all the Law School buddies! Let's start off by saying I do not like seafood in general. I mean I can eat the occasional cooked salmon, but that is about it. When Justin announced that all his Law School buddies had chosen Sushi Land to eat at for our get-together the word TERRIFIED pops into mind first. Justin said we didn't have to go, but I really wanted to see all our friends.

We arrived at Sushi land and the atmosphere was really cool. You sit at a table and the sushi flows by on a conveyor belt that wraps around the whole restaurant. In the middle was all the cooks slicing, rolling, and preparing the sushi. I mean sushi looks really pretty, but the fact that it is fish just freaks me out.

I started out by ordering 3 orders of potstickers or gyoza as Justin tells me is the real name. As I'm waiting for my potstickers Justin starts eating tuna. I decided "Hey!!! I'm at a sushi place I cannot leave without trying some sushi!" So I popped the tuna in my mouth and it actually wasn't that bad. I figured if the tuna was that good I might as well try something else so I ventured into tempura, which was also pretty good. The texture of the shrimp was a little disturbing, but the taste was pretty good--almost like Raising Cane's chicken.

Overall it was a really fun night! We ended up with a big ol' stack of plates around 25! I love all our friends and I have to admit sushi is not that bad, in fact, maybe next time I'll be a little more daring! I would recommend everyone try sushi at least ONCE!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Angel---Food Birthday--Cake

This weekend Justin and I made a deluxe cake for our friend's birthday. At first we did not know what kind of cake to make. Once we decided upon Angel Food Cake our creativity began to soar!!

We bought two loaves of Angel Food Cake, whip cream, and STraWBERRieS!! Justin had the grand idea to slice each loaf in half to create 3 layers instead of two. The cake started out by zig-zagging chocolate on the bottom of a white porcelain plate and freezing it so it looked oh so pretty--I love plating food, I love baking.

We layered Cake, whip cream, strawberries, chocolate, then more whip cream, cake and repeat! We had so much fun layering the cake and trying to keep it standing up straight. After all the layers were complete we covered the whole cake in whip cream. Justin spent a good amount of time making the whip cream all smooth and even--it was really cute.

The bottom of the cake was lined with strawberry halves-like a ribbon on a wedding cake. We zig-zagged the top of the cake with chocolate to match the pattern on the plate. Justin then had the beautiful idea to cut the strawberries into circles and put them all around the cake like polka-dots!

We had to drive the cake to Tacoma-a 25 minute drive from us. I had to hold up a sun shield the whole time so the whip cream wouldn't melt. Personally I think the cake is really cute and the neon curly candles on the top were very cute and whimsical! The cake was as delicious at it looked. Justin and I decided we could open a bakery making pies and cakes.

Happy Birthday Jan!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Hiking Mt. Everst (or so it seemed)

Weather here in Washington is absolutley GORGEOUS so Justin and I decided to go hiking and enjoy the outdoors. On the 6th of September we decked out in hiking gear and headed for Mt. Si!! We were totally excited--our backpack was full of water, popcorn, chocolate twizzlers, and power bars. We had everything we needed for an amazing day. Eric reccomended we hiki Mt. Si since he hiked there on his mission with Ryan McClean.

Mt. Si is a 4 mile up and 4 mile down hike. We started out the hike excited for what lay ahead driving forward happily chatting little did we know what lay ahead. So Justin and I go to the gym every day and though we are not triathalon rcompeters I would say we are in decent shape. HAHA not even one mile up and we were panting totally out of breath and I was highly considering turning around.

The hike up was ABSOLUTLEY BEAUTIFUL! I've never seen such green, mossy, and serene looking teerrain. There were tons of hikers with dogs--each dog that passed by Justin would get all excited and tell me how cute it was and asked me what I would name the pupple. He would then get those puppy dog eyes begging me for his own dog :). by halfway up I was ready to die. it was still way fun though.

Once we reached the top it was one of the most beautiful views I have ever seen! Justin took off the backpack and his back had sweat marks in the shape of the backpack (gross!) There was this cute little chipmunk that sat right by us. I fed it popcorn and it was literally like 2 feet away from us. After resting up we started the hike down. I was so excited to take the hike down thinking it would be a breeze in comparison, but man oh man was I mistaken it was MURDER! The whole way down my right knee was burning. I had ot make Justin stop so many times so my knee could calm down. Justin picked out several nice walking sticks for me so I could take the pressure off my knee, but that didn't really help. I really did not think I would make it down.

We finally made it down the mountain and i've never been so happy to be in the car. After a week my knee was still in DEEP pain so I went to the doctor and got hooked up with the latest fall fashion--a knee immobilizer splint. I'm not supposed to move my knee for at least the next week. The mountain totally schooled me! But i would totally go hike the mountain again (though i don't think Jusitn would let me) All in all it wa an amazing Saturday up in the great NorthWest!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Point Defiance Fun

For Labor day Justin and I were going to go hiking, but we slept in too late and settled for a relaxing day at Point Defiance. We had sooo much fun.

We started the day off at the beautiful duck pond. It was seriously the best duck pond I have every been to, it even had a waterfall. We saw cute turtles sun bathing on rocks and lots of ducks and geese. Anyone who has little kids should totally go to this duck pond!

Not far from the duck pond was a cute little garden showcasing the AMAZING flowers that grow here in Washington. Justin especially loved the flowers where the petals curled and created little pockets, as Justin describes them "they looked like balls." Some of these flowers were seriously HUGE! Close to the size of our heads. Someone at Point Defiance has a serious sense of humor because we found a "bed of flowers" Haha sooo funny.

Point Defiance also has a great beach--Olson beach. We walked the boardwalk and found this hole that totally looks like the sewer from the movie "IT". If you have seen the movie you know how creepy it was. All along the boardwalk was carved poems, quote, and sayings--it was fun to read them. For the way back to the car we walked on the rocky beach where Justin found this rock that looks like a brain. To go along with the brain there was this creepy goo that we had no clue what it was. Maybe a dead jellyfish or alien guts? I mean where did this creepy stuff come from?

All in all Point Defiance was such a fun day! As we left we had a little surprise--a visit from a raccoon family! Aren't they soo cute! It ended with one of the most amazing barbecued food that our friends Logan and Emily cooked. SO much FUN!