Tuesday, August 25, 2009


HAHA okay so it has been basically ForEVeR since I have blogged. I am sitting home this whole week (with the possibility of the next month if my school district stikes) with nothing to do. If it was up to me I would just go shopping every day, but reality check I do not have that kind of money so I figure I will blog and clean:) I bet Justin will be happy with the second half or that sentence.

Our good friend Johnny has a boat and the other day we went boating SOOO FUN. Here are some pictures of our adventure. We boated way into then night and it was such a freeing, no stress experience. It was gorgeous all around us! I may hate the rain here, but let's be honest it is a beautiful state. Johnny and Justin had so much fun driving super fast (As you can see by my massive gums and hair billowing in the wind). It as kind of cold too so I was in Justin's Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation Jacket (yes super in style I know!) We each got a turn at driving the boat, though I prefered just sitting in the back watching everything around me. It was SOOO FUN!