Monday, December 8, 2008

Christmas Time Fun!

Oh Christmas Tree Oh Christmas TREE! I love the Christmas season. December brings the Christmas season and Justin's finals. Justin has finished one and has 4 more to go :( I am sooo ready for Finals to be over. Justin has been wearing the same outfit for probably 3 days, a dog sweatshirt that is the same as his dads. He says he is "Tapping into his dad's Power". I sure hope it works!!!!

Now on to happier times! Justin and I are all decorated out. Some of the decorations are from my childhood and some are ones Justin and I painted together.

I am really loving our tradition of painting decorations for FHE...I'm really excited for Easter!! My favorite that we painted is one Justin picked out, a Christmas tree that we put Christmas lights in. IT IS SOOOO CUTE! And to top it all off, Justin put COLORED lights in the tree...I absolutley love the multi color lights! The apartment almost feels like home and it makes me soo happy. All I am missing is a really decked out Christmas tree with Gold twigs and birdhouses inside...Sorry mom :)

My favorite Childhood decoration are the CFhristmas blocks that say Merry Christmas. Every year we would fight over who got to put them that I have them Justin lets me put them up and I love it!

12 days left till we get to go home and see family!!! I'm so excited to see all of you so get ready for some deluxe fun!

Missing, Loving!!

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Monday, November 24, 2008

Birthday Boy Bash--26 BABY!

SO Saturday the 22nd was my man's birthday and since, lets be honest, I am horrible at blogging when I should I am writing all about the good times today. I love Justin so much and am going to start this blog off with 10 quirky/grand things about him so you can all get to know him better.

1. After eating pizza for dinner he needs 2 glasses of water by the bed because he wakes up so thirsty
2. Eating rich or too much chocolate makes him water under his eyes--he says they "sweat"
3. When his feet are getting tickled he cannot keep his eyes open
4. He is obsessed with going to the gym
5. He is even more obsessed with looking at puppy pictures on the internet and on t.v.
6. Every night within 5 minutes of cuddling in bed he does what he calls his "nightly flop"
7. He loves snowmen
8. He has a new found love of Vodka Pasta sauce
9. One of his favorite things to do on a weekend is to wander Target for 2 hours
10. He has us run "intruder" drills at least once a month practicing what we would do if someone broke into our apartment while we were sleeping

Now on to the good stuff his B-day! Justin's actual birthday was pretty chill. We slept in and started the day off by going to the gym (see number 4) personally I would skip the gym on my birthday... When we got back Justin opened up some presents. I gave him a charcol BBQ. Ever since going to our friend's Logan and Emily fo r a bbq he has wanted to get one of his own. My parents gave him a bbq book which is amazin g and everyone should buy this book it is by Weber and is called "Real Grilling" We then went and got my hair cut and dyed (Which i'll post about that later my hair is 6 inches shorter--to my shoulder) and ended the night with a big ol' helping of mac n' cheese (per his request) and a mini German Chocolate Cake. Here are some pictures.

Justin Enjoying his Mac n' Cheese!(top) Justin Setting up his Grill(below)

Sunday was the real celebration. Justin BBQ'd up some goodness. He picked a recipe from the book and it turned out super juicy and tender. Johnny came over and brought some tasty chicken which also turned out delicious. Here are some pictures from the night in celebration!

Happy Birthday Hun I love you!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Okay people so lets be honest, I haven't blogged in centuries and I think I just blogged myself out last time and I needed a break; however, I am so ready to blog. In fact I have like 5 blogs I want to post, but don't worry I'm not going to go crazy and post them all tonight.

Since Halloween is only 3 days away I thought it appropriate to blog about our Halloween activities. Sunday we were finally able to carve our pumpkins. We bought them about a week before, but just never had the time to carve them up. It was way fun!!! We used the deluxe stencils because you can create some amazingly tight pumpkins. I tried to be all cool and do this haunted house, but I couldn't even trace it onto the pumpkin that is how hard it was so I went down.

I carved a creepy tree that says "Happy Halloween" in the branches and Justin carved a very cool ( I want to say cute, but that isn't very manly) window with a creepy cat and jack-o-lantern peering out. We had a lot of fun and I really want to carve another pumpkin. My dream is to one day carve a pumpkin that is over 100lbs. One day people one day!

So Monday we continued the Halloween fun into FHE with our good friends Emily and Logan and their super cute baby Sophie!! I have dubbed Emily the Cupcake Queen/Goddess! Not only do her cupcakes always look perfect, but they taste super delicious. These cupcakes were chocolate filled with, get this, Amaretto cream cheese filling. MMMM! Emily then showed us how to make super cute Frankensteins, Bride of Frankensteins, Skeletons, and Pumpkins.

Justin and I tried to get a little creative on our own and did not succeed so much. We both tried to bring the Joker to life on a cupcake, but mine looked like the creepy clown off "IT" and Justin's looked just plain creepy. Logan got creative as well and made a jack-o-lantern with braces and I swear that bunny is off of a cartoon line for line, I just can't place him. His crowning creating, the Batman call was me. It was delicious!

I loved making the cupcakes sooo much that I am already looking at Christmas cupcake ideas and will be making them with the fam so be ready peeeps!
We had a blast with Emily and Logan and Justin had so much fun with Sophie. Here is a cute picture of her! Sophie is super cute and spent a good portion of the night digging/emptying my purse. I wish I would have taken a picture of her surrounded by my junk. Justin made her laugh by making a swish sound every time she hit his hand with a plastic hammer. She was super happy and Justin was super cute to watch like that. So our Halloween has been pretty fun thus far... to make it perfect I just need some cute trick-or-treaters to come visit our apartment so I can get rid of all my candy. Happy Halloween!

Friday, October 3, 2008

I'm an AUNT!

This summer was absolutley AMAZING! NOt only did I spend the entire summer in Las Vegas/Utah, but my brother Scott came off his mission and My other brother Stan and his wife had a baby which makes me an AUNT!!!
My little nephew Gregory is the CUTEST little boy EVER! Every moment I had I tried to spend it with Brooke and little Gregory.

Justin got to spend some time with the cute baby and boy can we say scared!!! Justin has never really been around babies--he has never changed a diaper. I really wanted him to change Gregory's diaper, but that didn't fly so well.
Basically I love this little guy and i'm just going to put up like a million pictures of him so enjoy! The picutres of Gregory in Scott's mission hammick are my favorite! G3 was just fussin a mess and Scott put him in his hammick and he immediately calmed down. Put his knee up and was just chillin in the air. It was sooo funny.
I can't wait to see him at Christmas where he will be so much bigger and more interactive.
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Thursday, October 2, 2008


I don't know how other newly married couples feel, but I find it very hard to hold FHE with just the two of us. Justin and I decided to make a stronger effort to have FHE every Monday night and so far we are doing great!

Justin had this amazing idea for FHE one night. He decided we should go to Michaels and pick out Halloween decorations to paint and in the end decorate our apartment (Seriously don't you think that idea was AMAZING).

We spent about 30-40 minutes in Michaels picking out our items and paint. Right before we checked out Justin found this cool Fireplace mantle decoration kit from Martha Stewart. I think it is on my top 5 list of decorations. It totally brings to life the Halloween spirit. Here is what we ended up with!

To be honest Justin painted the pumpkins that night and I painted Frankenstein, but the rest were finished over the week. Seriously the pumpkins looks SOOOO real-didn't my man do such a good job? I loved loved loved this activity and have decided this will be an FHE activity for each holiday month!

Here you go check out what we painted and how cute our apartment looks all decorated.