Tuesday, August 25, 2009


HAHA okay so it has been basically ForEVeR since I have blogged. I am sitting home this whole week (with the possibility of the next month if my school district stikes) with nothing to do. If it was up to me I would just go shopping every day, but reality check I do not have that kind of money so I figure I will blog and clean:) I bet Justin will be happy with the second half or that sentence.

Our good friend Johnny has a boat and the other day we went boating SOOO FUN. Here are some pictures of our adventure. We boated way into then night and it was such a freeing, no stress experience. It was gorgeous all around us! I may hate the rain here, but let's be honest it is a beautiful state. Johnny and Justin had so much fun driving super fast (As you can see by my massive gums and hair billowing in the wind). It as kind of cold too so I was in Justin's Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation Jacket (yes super in style I know!) We each got a turn at driving the boat, though I prefered just sitting in the back watching everything around me. It was SOOO FUN!

Saturday, April 25, 2009


So Justin is studying for finals and I've watched enough T.V. for the rest of my so I thought hey, I haven't blogged in FOREVER so here is a couple of updates :)
The official scale they use to weigh in the Jockeys before each race! (Below)
In February I rolled to Kentucky to help out my sister-in-law as she birthed her first child, little super cute Matthew Ryan Baker!! He is sooo adorable and super cute! We had sooo much fun. When we rolled up to KY the baby had just been born 10 minutes ago. We rolled to the hospital to find Ashley looking the BOMB! I mean seriously when i pop out my children I hope I look as gorgeous as she did!!! WE got to spend one night in the hospital, which was way fun. When the baby got home we had much fun changing diapers and doing touristy fun stuff. I LOVED the slugger museum, Colonel Sanders grave (KFC started in Kentucky!), touring Bakers Dentist School, and Churchill downs was off the hook. Here are some pics
In front of Colonel Sanders grave. He is way tight! (above) All the pretty girls at Churchill downs-Isn't the horse pretty? (Below)
Me hittin it up at the Slugger Museum!
Entrance to the Slugger Museum-I loved the huge big bat and Ball in the side of the building.
Teeth that Baker has been collecting for a MOlars project..EWW he had several of these in his locker (Above). Baker showing off his locker and his lab coat! (below)
Bakers station at the dental school--he even has his own name plaque!
Mom G and Stephanie sporting the WIC letters. (Below)

Churchill Downs--isn't it GORGEOUS!!!!

Saturday, January 31, 2009


Justin and I went and saw some super cute puppies today! LABS! I LOVE labs...especially chocolate labs. There is just something so comforting about them. Dogs in general are very comforting to me and I cannot wait till Justin and I buy one. I used to tell Justin he could get a dog as soon as I got a baby, but after seeing those pups I'd buy one before. (Just don't tell him that). A couple in our ward breeds dogs and they just had a litter of 9 puppies. I fell in love with all of them! It is kind of sad though becuase the runt of the litter has water on its brain and will have to be put down. The pressure on his brain is making his eyes pop out. I feel so bad for the little pup and would have taken him home immediately.

Here is a movie of the pups and some pics!!!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Tagged--6 Random things

Okay so I am horrible with Tags and all this stuff, but my good cousin Vanessa tagged me and I love reading her blog (Seriously Vanessa you should become a writer! your blog is well written, fun, personal (I feel like i'm sitting there talking to my best friend), and funny!) so hopefully you all enjoy reading these 6 random things about me. Now this may be more than you'll ever want to know about me, but maybe not :).

1. I have a true love of big POOFY hair. Growing up I used to stare longingly at chearleader hair...they had the most beautiful perfect poof! I could never figure out how to get my hair to be that beautiful. Finally I figured out the wonderful world of teasing!!! I would have big poofy hair everyday if it wasn't so socially unacceptable here in Seattle. Whenever I have big poofy hair my day just seems better, more sunshiney! If any of you have seen the infomercial for the "bumpitz"that would be my dream present!

2. I LOVE the feel of the kickback after shooting a gun. Seriously I don't know what it is, but I feel super sexy and tough after shooting a gun that has a kickback....although if I'm really honest I am usually scared right before I shoot the gun for the first time.

3. This one is kind of gross, but hey you asked for random and this is as random as it gets....the smell of toilet water makes me throw up. I know super gross, but to be honest again, it comes in handy when I'm feeling super sick...you know that feeling where you are like "if only I could throw up I would feel a million times better."

4. I do not like to sleep closest to the door. I make Justin sleep on the side of the bed that is closest to the door...that way in case somebody breaks in there is one person before me....here is another random fact that deals with somebody breaking in Justin and I have run "intruder" drills where he has me hide behind the bed. Weird?

5. I have an obsession with Marshmellows...especially stale marshmellows. When I buy a bag of marshmellows I leave the package open on purpose so that they become stale. I also like to microwave the mellows with chocolate chips than stick the cup in the freezer and eat it when it is hard and chunky. Everyone should try stale or frozen marshmellows

6. This last one is kind of embarassing to admit, but Justin told me I have to include it on my list because it is his favorite one of mine. I love cartoons--my favorite cartoons are Curious George, which if i'm honest, I do a fabulous impression of George's voice saying hello! I also enjoy Cyberchase, which is so beyond dorky and embarassing, but I find it entertaining....my mother always makes fun of me for watching cartoons, but I cannot deny my love for them. It is super cute becuase Justin will purposely turnon Curious George for me when i'm tired or feeling sick...he gets pretty excited as well!

Well I hope that was fun for all to read...I'm going to tag Emily, Stephanie, Ashley, Jennica, and Trent boy!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Over the Break

Over the Break we had tons of fun....1 week was spent in Utah with the Nelsons and the other week in Vegas with the Gourley's. we had so much fun each week, I think this was the best Christmas i've had yet. It was packed with all my family (Scott home from his mission, brooke and stan married with little Gregory) and almost all of Justin's (Ashley and Baker we feel so bad we missed you!) Instead of spending the next 20 minutes writing this long blog about everything we did i'm going to list our top 10--5 from utah, and 5 from Vegas, in no particular order and post a bunch of pictures!

1. Jiggle (nerf) Wars
All credit must go to Dr. Floss on this one. about 8 nerf guns and ammo were purchased and
almost every night you could find us in the basement in our "forts" trying to shoot each other,
playing steal the flag, or running the obstacle course.

2. Shootin it up
We went out on the most gorgeous day in Vegas (67 degrees!) and had a couple of hours of
just shooting potatoes and onions! I LOVE shooting my gun! and the Mouser, and I found out
I really like the Springfield Armory XD .40 caliber! AMAZING! There were only two injuries.
Justin's finger got slammed in a .22 pistol and Uncles finger got caught on the hammer.
Nothing better than shooting with your family!

3. Lotto for $50 with the Gibby's
My dad had this great game where we embarassed ourselves to get tickets, the tickets were
then put in a basket and drawn out. if your name was drawn you had to either take the prize
up for grabs or pass. if you passed the next name drawn had to take the prize and then
distribute his or her tickets. the last prize drawn for was a $50 dollar bill. it was hilarious
because everyone thought the more tickets you had equaled better chance at getting the $50
dollars, WRONG! it meant your name was drawn twice in a row for the prize you didn't want
in the first place. there became a mass of tickets being passed around like the plague that no
one wanted! I ended up with a watch, and Justin ended up with a movie that we already own

4. Gingerbread houses
I desperatley wanted to make a gingerbread house over the break. Justin, Brooke, and I
ended up making the most GLORIOUS house ever to be seen (Especially our Pez roof and
gummy lifesafer fence!) It took a couple of hours and was really fun to make with everyone--
including Stan's new dog Achilles.

5. Matching Pajamas
This one is a double for both Vegas and Utah! I matched with Brooke in Utah and Stephanie
and Ashley, and Mom G. in Vegas! Justin was super cute matching my brothers in Utah and
his in Vegas. I LOVE MATCHING PAJAMAS! I think it is a favorite tradition.

6. Food Poisoning on Christas Eve (Thank you Outback steak house!)
Let's just say no one was feeling good, especially stan during the watching of Luke 2 and
during our discussion of Christ!

7. Wedding dress shopping!!!

8. Crab Wars
This one is all credit for Justin. He created this from the beloved crab walk and just added
some rules and called it Crab Wars. Here are the rules in case anyone is dying to have a crab
war. 1. You have to walk on your hands and feet with Butt in air (crab walk) 2. the purpose is
to use your feet to knock each other down 3. the first person whose butt touches the ground
loses. Let's just say we discovered he who has the biggest foot is usually the King Crab!
9. Eating at Biaggis and moving tables 3 times!
One day we spent the afternoon in Salt Lake wandering around gateway. We ate at one of our
favorite resturaunts Biaggis. After being seated and eating bread, we asked to be moved
because we were by the door and it was freezing...after being seated they moved us again
saying that table was reserved...after being seated a third time we got a new creepy waiter
that "warmed up" my mothers hands and made weird jokes! YAY for moving tables!

10. Birthday celebratories in Utah and Vegas
My birthday was January 4th and I got to celebrate it with both of my families! In Utah all of
us went to PF Changs and had a delicious meal filled with fun and laughter and of course the
Great wall of Chocolate (Probably one of my favorite desserts). I received a most fun gift
that I have been using very often....an IPOD! In Vegas my birthday was celebrated at Brio,
another one of my favorite resturaunts where I enjoyed VODKA pasts...everyone needs to
try Vodka pasta once in their life...especailly from this resturant. It was super fun with all
the peops there and I got some cash to spend on something fun and purely for me...some
Itunes maybe?? Justin and I attempted to recreate the masterful cake we made for Jan, but
alas it failed and even fell over in the fridge...it still tasted good to me...i think Angel Food
Cake is my favorite! THANK YOU to all for such an amazing birthday! (And Christmas)

We had so much fun with Both of my families and the break was Amazing. It has been so hard to come back espcially since Justin and I have bboth been battling some illnesses, but I think we are both on the upswing now! If we can just make it through this killer semester everything should be perfect for the Senior Year!