Monday, December 8, 2008

Christmas Time Fun!

Oh Christmas Tree Oh Christmas TREE! I love the Christmas season. December brings the Christmas season and Justin's finals. Justin has finished one and has 4 more to go :( I am sooo ready for Finals to be over. Justin has been wearing the same outfit for probably 3 days, a dog sweatshirt that is the same as his dads. He says he is "Tapping into his dad's Power". I sure hope it works!!!!

Now on to happier times! Justin and I are all decorated out. Some of the decorations are from my childhood and some are ones Justin and I painted together.

I am really loving our tradition of painting decorations for FHE...I'm really excited for Easter!! My favorite that we painted is one Justin picked out, a Christmas tree that we put Christmas lights in. IT IS SOOOO CUTE! And to top it all off, Justin put COLORED lights in the tree...I absolutley love the multi color lights! The apartment almost feels like home and it makes me soo happy. All I am missing is a really decked out Christmas tree with Gold twigs and birdhouses inside...Sorry mom :)

My favorite Childhood decoration are the CFhristmas blocks that say Merry Christmas. Every year we would fight over who got to put them that I have them Justin lets me put them up and I love it!

12 days left till we get to go home and see family!!! I'm so excited to see all of you so get ready for some deluxe fun!

Missing, Loving!!

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